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October 21, 2008 – Happy Days Are Here Again

Fishing action along the central east coast of Florida has exploded as the fall mullet run is underway. Each year millions and millions of mullet migrate south and invade our shorelines, rivers and lagoons. This triggers a massive feeding frenzy among our predatory species and produces the very best fishing of the year. Check out the following fishing reports from the beginning from this month-long phenomena.

Fishing this past weekend in the Hunt for Reds in October Tournament, Christa Deeks scored a phenomenal Banana River slam near Cocoa Beach. Guided by her brother, Capt Peter, and assisted by friend and neighbor Dante Bustamante, Christa caught numerous redfish, gator trout and tarpon. Check out the smiles on the faces of Christa and Peter with a tarpon and Christa and Dante with a gator trout.

Mike and Michael Rinkus, a father and son duo from Colorado, along with Uncle Dave from Minnesota, had a blast with Capt. Roland near the mouth of Sebastian Inlet. Fishing in the midst of the migrating mullet, the three visiting anglers caught double digit redfish, trout, jack, snook and bluefish. Check out the size of these trout in the following pictures:

Californian Shawn Rae and his two buddies Joe and Pete have been traveling to Sebastian Inlet every year since 1982 to take part in the phenomenal fishing associated with the fall mullet run. This year the action was so frenzied on their half-day charter with Capt. Roland that there was not time to snap pictures until they approached the cleaning table. By the way, near continuous action is typical of the ‘mullet run.’

As the mullet run progresses, large breeder fish will begin to ‘stack’ in the inlet. These huge redfish, snook, tarpon and sharks wait in the throat of the Inlet for the mullet to run. The best way to describe the ensuing action is a feeding binge. Brothers Walt and Joe Cobb, along with buddy Jay, got a foretaste of this big fish scene during their charter with Capt. Roland last week. Among the many redfish they battled was this ‘breeder’ being held by Joe. It was caught in the Inlet.

For more information on charters targeting Sebastian Inlet during the fall mullet run, check out the page of our website What’s New

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