Native Sons Fishing Guides, Central Florida & Indian River Lagoon Fishing Charters

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where will I meet my guide? This depends upon where the fishing is the hottest in our area at the time of your charter. We monitor about 125 miles of the Indian River Lagoon system from New Smyrna Beach to Ft. Pierce and our guided trips will start at the boat ramp nearest the fish. By the way, you will receive in your confirmation email a link to a map of the boat ramps in Brevard County. This will include ‘easy to follow’ directions.

2.) When will I meet my guide? Our typical guide trip will start about a half an hour after sunrise. Your guide will be in the water waiting for you when you arrive at the ramp. Occasionally we will start a half day trip in the early afternoon for various reasons. Again, you will receive a start time in your confirmation email.

3.) How should I dress? You need to dress appropriate for being outdoors on the water and appropriate for the season. For example, your guide will probably be wearing a Columbia Sportswear long or short-sleeved shirt and long pants plus a light wind-breaker which can be peeled off as the day unfolds.

4.) What should I bring? We provide everything necessary for fishing – all licenses, permits, rods, reels, tackle, and bait. You will want to bring sunscreen, sun glasses, camera and a broad-billed hat. (There is some dry storage on the boats for extra items but please keep it to a minimum.)

5.) Will I need to bring any food or drinks? We will have an ice chest loaded with iced water, soft drinks, and Gatorade. If you have any other special drink or food requirements, there will be plenty of room in the ice chest to accommodate your needs. For the full day trips, you will probably want to bring a lunch. By the way, please do not bring any bananas.

6.) What about inclement weather? Florida does present some unique weather challenges from time to time. Your captain, who spends most of his time in the elements, will be well aware of any pending weather issues. If a trip has to be canceled due to weather, we’ll try to reschedule on a mutually convenient date, otherwise you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

7.) What if I am not a good fisherman, will the guide yell at me? Absolutely not! We fish with anglers at every skill level and will customize our fishing methodology to match you. You will find us patient, courteous, and understanding. There will be no screaming, cursing or undue stress, unless, of course, it is being directed toward a particularly large and ornery fish.

8.) Can I split a charter with someone? We occasionally get requests to split a charter if we can find another party seeking the same. Unfortunately, we have never been able to do this for anyone. Most anglers look forward to fishing with a buddy or by themselves, getting all the “shots.”

9.) Is it possible to arrange a trip on short notice? This is a frequently asked question. It is very possible. We plan our schedules in three days sequences – on the water for two days (back-to-back) followed by a day off and so forth. Therefore, there are times we can accommodate those who decide to book a trip at the last moment. If, however, we can not, we have good working relationships with a number of other local guides and would happy to make a couple of calls on your behalf.

10.) Is it a good idea to wait until we arrive in the area to book a trip? We do not recommend doing this, especially if you would like to charter with us. The better guides are booked well in advance, especially during peak seasons. If you call us at the last minute and we are booked, most of the guides that we would want to recommend are probably booked as well.

11.) How large a party can you accommodate on a boat? We are constrained by the US Coast Guard and the State of Florida as to the maximum sizes of our charters. Capt. Rocky’s boat is USCG rated for a maximum of four people (including the guide). Capt. Roland’s boat is larger and USCG rated for more people, however, the Sate of Florida limits us, regardless of boat size, to five people per trip (including the guide).

12.) Do you offer discounts for multiple days or boats? We offer a $50 per day or $50 per boat discount for multiple bookings (provide link to ‘Rates and Booking’ page on our website).

13.) How do I book a trip? Booking a trip with us is a quick and easy two-step process. First, you will need to contact us either through email or by a phone call to inquire about date availability. Then, you will need to place a deposit to reserve the date (see the ‘Rate and Booking’ page on our website). Upon receipt of the deposit, we will send you a confirmation email with location, time and other important information pertaining to the trip.

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