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November 10, 2007 – Torrid Bites and Cooler Days

The torrid bite of the fall mullet run continues in the Indian River of Brevard County from north to south … and even though late autumn is now bringing us windier and cooler days, the action is still blowing white hot. In the midst of it all, the guides of Native Sons are leading the charge!

Capt. Roland has been concentrating over the past month on the breeder redfish, snook and tarpon stacked in Sebastian Inlet in south Brevard County. When the winds and waves permit, he has been joining the feeding frenzy of the outgoing tides in the inlet by drifting live pinfish, mullet and croakers. Most of the action has been east of the bridge, through the mouth of the inlet, and out to ‘Monster Hole.’ This annual feeding feast should continue through Thanksgiving weekend. (A word of warning; these inlet drift trips are reserved for “the few, the proud and the brave” … those faint of heart need not apply.)

Capt. Rocky has been enjoying the hot action triggered by the massive schools of migrating mullet in northern Brevard County near the Titusville area. The key to successful trips has been locating the mullet school being pounded by hungry fish and presenting them with the right bait (finger mullet). It is not uncommon to find redfish, trout, tarpon, snook, ladyfish, jacks and even bluefish all feeding in the same location and at the same time.

Aaron and Chandler were the fortunate ones to be a part of a two boat “charter war” between Capt. Rocky and Capt. Don off NASA flats this morning. Both boats produced impressive fish with the ‘Flat Broke’ (Capt. Rocky’s boat) edging the ‘Is and Boy’ (Capt. Don’s vessel) 17 to 9 on redfish, including the largest fish of the day, a monster 50 incher. Capt. Don won the trout contest by a 3 to 2 count. He also boated a couple of difficult species for style points – a blowfish, horseshoe crab and a live, natural sponge. The Flat Broke had two triple hitters and one double hitter in the four hour Battle Royale. In all fairness to Capt. Don, somebody may have stealthily snuck a couple of bananas into his ice chest placing a partial curse on his charter. (Pictured below, from left to right, Capt. Don, Chandler, and Aaron.)

Pictured below is Toby Boian from Bristol, Tennessee and one of his six redfish. Toby also caught several fine trout and a ladyfish the size of a baseball bat during his charter earlier this week.

Also spending a day on the Indian River near Titusville with Capt. Rocky was Christian Oyler, one of our servicemen home on a short leave from the Navy. Christian took back to the USS Nimitz tall tales of epic sea battles with redfish after redfish after redfish. All were caught on light spinning tackle in clear, shallow water. The largest redfish was a real torpedo weighing close to 25 pounds. (Note the size of Christian’s smile in the picture below).

Finally, anchoring this weeks fishing report, is another chap named Christian, who, along with his father Marco and good friend John, were also guided by Capt. Rocky. These bravehearts hailing from California had a grand time catching a number of redfish and spotted trout on their half-day charter in Titusville waters. Christian, pictured below, wanted to make sure that it was recorded in the captain’s log that he caught four of the six redfish on the day, including the largest fish.

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