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Nov. 14, 2010 – Fall Fishing is in Full Force

Fishing in the backwaters of the Indian River Lagoon system from Titusville to Ft. Pierce has returned to classic fall patterns. We begin dodging cold fronts with drops in temperatures and stiff winds as the weather approaches and bask in the Indian summer-like conditions between. The fish respond to the cooler temperatures and begin to feed more actively in order to add the body fat necessary to carry them through the leaner winter months. In short, it is a great time to fishing our local waters so long as the weather permits.

Earlier this week, Paul Tully of Cocoa beach joined Capt. Rocky for a half-day charter on the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville, Florida. Fishing migrating schools of mullet on the shallow grass flats adjacent to NASA property, Paul’s former employer, the backdrop for natural Florida fishing could not have been more spectacular.  It was fish after fish after fish throughout the morning. Admittedly the precise tally was lost due to the constant action but we estimate Paul boated 10 reds, 20 large trout and one locationally-challenge barracuda. Among the pictures posted below is Paul with the biggest redfish of the day, a 35 pound beast wrestled from a school of giant reds and black drum tailing their way down the shoreline.

While on their vacation from Canada, Steve and Rob, spent an entire day of fun with Capt. Peter.  After a morning of airboating and looking for alligators and other wildlife in the St. Johns River marsh in Capt. Peter’s airboat, the duo decided to finish off the day with an afternoon fishing trip.  With only a couple of hours to fish, they quickly dropped the airboat off and picked up the flats boat on the way to the Banana River.  Fishing back into the 1,000 islands near Cocoa Beach, Steve and Rob didn’t have to wait long between bites.  The anglers quickly pulled a couple of redfish out of each school before moving on to another school.  Nine redfish were brought into the boat for a quick photo and release before calling it a day.  Pictured are Steve and Rob showing off two of their fish.  Another day in Paradise!

Roy, Reid and Rick spent a day fishing with Capt. Peter in the Banana River.  The goal for the day was to target only the big fish for good photos.   Due to the windy conditions Capt. Peter fished grass flats and sandbars in areas sheltered from the wind.   The large redfish were thick in these areas and were actively feeding in the current that the wind was driving over the sandbars and flats.  Being experienced anglers, Roy, Reid and Rick, kept the noise down while landing their fish which allowed them to quickly put a hook into another big redfish after releasing one.  The trio had steady action throughout the trip and landed 15 redfish and a 28 inch gator trout.  Roy, Reid, and Rick show off some of their many golden fish including a nice double.

Mike, Josh, Randy, and Mark from Sacramento, CA were in town for business and decided to take a half day fishing trip with Capt. Roland before flying out. The decision turned out to be a great idea. After catching some trout and catfish early they moved to chasing the reds and black drum that have been schooling on the flats during mid day. After finding the schools they hooked and landed this nice 20 lb black drum from the school of approx. 60 fish. They then shifted to the reds which were there in big numbers also. These were much more nervous than the blacks and did not allow many shots, but they boys had a great time chasing and stalking them.

New York Yankees, Tim, Jenn and son Tyler, crewed a recent afternoon charter with Capt. Rocky Van Hoose aboard the ‘Flat Broke’.  Despite a sluggish bite, probably due to the fall full moon, the trio boated five redfish and 12 trout along the picturesque shoreline of the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville, Florida. While leaving the shallow flats at sunset, a massive school of huge reds and black drum was spotted waking and finning in deeper water. And even though none of them were hooked, the mere spectacle of these monsters left an indelible impression on the threesome. Pictured below are Jenn and Ty holding a pair of bronzed trophies.

Stephanie Turner has been out with Capt. Roland two other times with her boys, Hayden 7 years old and Carson 5 yrs old. She has always been the good mother and let the boys catch all the fish. This time mama said” I want to catch some fish.” When the school of giant redfish started tailing 200 yards from the boat Stephanie told the boys to sit down and she went to work. This 38 inch redfish fought fro 20 minutes on light tackle before posing for a few pictures and a quick release. She later said it was the biggest fish she had ever caught. Good job Stephanie.

Jason and Gary Pardini, bass tournament anglers from California, joined Capt. Peter for a full day of chasing redfish around the Banana River Lagoon.  The weather was less than perfect with 15mph winds and constant rain, but that didn’t keep the Pardini boys from enjoying their trip.  By hiding from the wind behind mangrove islands, Capt. Peter was able to poll his boat into calmer waters and position the anglers close to the fish. Casting artificials around submerged rock piles and grass beds produced some nice redfish and trout in the morning before the wind really picked up.  Once the wind started howling, live and cut mullet became the key to success throughout the rest of the day.  The two anglers landed 12 redfish and 5 trout and had good time fishing – rain and all.  Gary and Jason show off two of their redfish.

Old friends, Pastor Richard Fuller of Orlando and Capt. Rocky Van Hoose, recently took a morning off to do a little fishing and fellowshipping on the Indian River near Titusville. A spectacular orange full moonset immediately proceeded a gorgeous sunrise which slowly gave way to an ideal fall morning with comfortable temperatures, bright blue skies and slick calm seas. Perhaps the fish gave pause to enjoy the glorious early morning too as the bite started slowly. However, as soon as the sun reach high, the redfish and trout began to wake, tail and fin as they forged for food. And several found Richard’s offering and were greeted with a face-to-face introduction before being returned to the sanctuary of shallow grass flats along the shoreline of the lagoon. Pictured below is the Pastor laying his hands on one of new friends.

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