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News Concerning the Spring Cobia Run

The spring Cobia run along the Florida beaches is a highlighted event that Florida anglers dream about for 10 months out of the year. This “run” is temperature dependent, and usually takes place from the end of February to April. What makes this type of fishing so special is that these big fish stay close to the shore, and swim near the surface – which offers exceptional sight-fishing opportunities. As they move along the Space Coast, migrating back north from their wintering grounds, these fish have exceptional appetites and readily take baits, jigs, and flies. Cobia commonly range from 20 – 60 pounds, and are a blast on light tackle!

Cobia fishing is more like hunting than fishing, as you stalk them by peering out into the clear, calm water looking for large “brown torpedoes” slowly skimming under the surface. Once spotted, you’ll move into range and make a cast to the fish. Another bonus to fishing for Cobia is the amount of large wildlife you’ll see, as the cobia swim with giant Manta Rays and large Sea Turtles.

This fishing is seasonal, and opportunities are limited by weather conditions – calm seas and sunlight are a must for targeting these great fish. These fish move through in waves at most anytime so Cobia anglers have to be ready to go on short notice (as short as a day or two).

If you are from out-of-town and booking a charter during this time frame, let us know you might also be interested in chasing the Cobes. If you are local and interested in booking a Cobia charter, give us shout. We’ll make note and give you a call when a wave is passing through.

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