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May 28, 2012 – Nearly Indescribable

The most difficult aspect of trying to describe fishing during this month is finding an adequate superlative; tremendous, stupendous, fabulous, marvelous, monstrous, humungous, incredible, remarkable, sensational, phenomenal, … how about we just say nearly indescribable and let the photos and individual charter summaries paint the portrait.

 A rare early season tropical system hovered over the Atlantic threatened to cancel a planned day of fishing for Bill Russell, Rick Morehouse and Capt. Rocky but, undaunted by the forecast, the threesome decided to venture forth from Kennedy Point Park in Titusville at dawn nonetheless. And, despite the unpromising prospects, it turned out to be a great decision and an insane day of fishing. The action was nearly non-stop with the trout in a feeding frenzy in the morning and redfish aggressively attacking in the afternoon. We are not sure of the exact fish count for the day but believe it to be 30 trout to 8 pounds and 30 redfish to 40 pounds … 30/30, not bad for a day that almost wasn’t.



The weather forecast was not very promising for the day of the charter for Cliff and Ryan Watton, with stiff winds 10-15 mph and gusts to 25 mph. However, the winds were predicted to be tolerable in the morning and freshen by the afternoon so our crew decided to fish while we could and run for safety when the winds began to whip. It was a good decision because the winds never did blow to forecasted strength and the fish started feeding aggressively in the afternoon. The Wattons caught a number of fine trout to 26 inches and big reds to 50 inches. Pictured below are Ryan and Cliff holding the biggest redfish of the day. Incidentally, this fish was caught around 3 pm when NOAA had predicted such poor conditions.

The Carpenter Family spent a day of fishing with Capt. Peter while on their Vacation at Disney World.  The morning started off with some fishing around islands and sandbars for schooling trout and redfish.  The anglers had non-stop action from the gamefish and were able to enjoy playing with some underwater critters as well – like pufferfish, manatees, horseshoe crabs and stingrays in the clear, shallow water.   After the numbers of fish under 30 inches quit impressing, the Carpenter family voted to target the big redfish up on the shallow flats.  This great family caught redfish till their arms were sore and the trip was ended with a husband and wife doubleheader of big reds.  “Our family had a great time and we all agree that it was our favorite day from vacation”.

Doug and Ginna Edwards from Raleigh, North Carolina scheduled a day of fishing with Capt. Rocky during their recent business trip to central Florida. The weather for the day was chamber of commerce perfect, blue skies and calm glassy waters and the fishing was Florida Sportsman worthy. The duo caught 40 to 50 fish, large trout to 28 inches and huge redfish to 45 inches. More than 100 live finger mullet sacrificed for the cause in the Indian River near Titusville. Pictured below is an outdoor version of beauty and the beast – Ginna holding her monster redfish.


Alan and Anna Schwartz traveled down from New Jersey to enjoy a couple of days on fishing in the Cocoa Beach area with Capt. Peter.  The windy conditions limited the fishing to protected coves and the lee sides of mangrove islands and grass flats.  The, less than desirable conditions did not hurt the fishing, however.  Alan and Anna boated 25 trout up to 28 inches and six redfish up to 35 inches.

The Second day was spent split between fishing and birding around the spoil islands of the Banana River.  The fishing was great with a fantastic morning trout bite!  Schools of finger mullet were constantly being attacked on the surface by hundreds of feeding 18-30 inch trout the edge of a certain grass flat.  This feeding frenzy lasted from sunrise till about 8am very entertaining.  When the feeding frenzy slowed, the anglers spent some time sight-fishing “gator-trout” that were laying up on sandbars in crystal clear water.  The big trout have been so aggressive, sightfishing them in the afternoon has been a real treat!  The rest of the trip was spent pulling on big redfish and looking at nesting shore-birds.  The fish catching tally was somewhere between 15 trout and 6 redfish from 33-45 inches.

When Pastor Larry Zimmerman retired last February his church gave him many expressions of appreciation including a high-end rod and reel combo. Then Larry moved back to Cocoa Beach in early March next to some of the finest fishing waters in the world but had not had the opportunity to christen the fishing outfit; that is until yesterday. Larry and Capt. Rocky fished a portion of the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville and proceeded to hold a great fish revival in the shallows where some 40 to 50 souls, aka redfish and trout, were converted. Pictured below is Larry holding the biggest catch of the day, a redfish weighing 25 pound and measuring  42 inches.

Carl Perian, of Melbourne, chartered Capt. Peter for a half day of fishing in the Indian River Lagoon System.  Most of the trip was spent sight-fishing schools of big trout and redfish up on the shallow flats.  The redfish and trout fed very well the entire trip, but Carl’s well placed casts helped with the non-stop catching.  Carl had a fish on the end of his line most of the trip.  The final tally of fish landed was 20+ trout from 18-27 inches and six redfish from 26-34 inches.

Capt. Rocky was thinking double all day while guiding Cliff and Cliff on the Banana River on a recent charter. Both Cliffs were from New York and married to sisters. Both Cliffs could fish too which was a very good thing since the fishing action was non-stop with gator trout and large ladyfish providing a double dose of entertainment. Pictured below are the Cliffs holding double catches, which were frequent, and one of the Cliffs holding two ladyfish caught simultaneously on the same rod … and, by the way, he accomplished the rare feat twice.


Dave, Ken, and Steve were in town on business and decided to charter Capt. Peter for a last minute “sunset” fishing trip.  Live-Bait fishing in the Banana River produced some great seatrout and redfish.  The anglers had steady action throughout the trip and landed seven big trout and five redfish up to 35 inches.

Fran, Todd and Troy formed a three generational fishing team recently with Capt. Rocky on the Banana River near Merritt Island. The family, with two other members fishing with Capt. Peter, had gathered in Cocoa Beach to celebrate a high school graduation. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the fishing adventure with clear blue skies and glass-calm waters. And the fishing was equally impressive with trout, redfish and ladyfish providing numerous inshore slams for the trio. There was even a Sea World-like dolphin show during the charter. Pictured below is fourteen year old Troy holding a big redfish.

The McDaniel family chartered Capt. Peter for a morning of inshore fishing.  The entire trip was spent sightfishing schools of seatrout and redfish in the Banana River near Cocoa Beach.  Landing around a dozen redfish up to 37 inches and over 12 seatrout from 18-25 inches with a number of double headers provided a fun morning of fishing.

Avid fishermen, Chris and Kim Knudson, from Idaho, were down visiting their son, Brian, and decided they’d take him fishing with Capt. Rocky. The weather forecast called for winds 5 to 10 mph and building to 20-25 mph by the afternoon.. For once the forecasters were accurate and the trip back across the Indian River Lagoon mid-afternoon was quite memorable … but so was the fishing as the Knudson Klan caught 15 redfish with the largest weighing approximately 25 pounds and eight trout. Pictured below are a dry Kim and Brian holding one of the better reds followed by Brian holding his very first red. By the way, this was also Brian’s very first fish period as the fishing trip was his first attempt at angling. We think he is a natural-born fisherman.

The tarpon fishing has started to heat up in the Melbourne and Sebastian areas.  Capt. Peter and Capt. Roland took a morning off to show their girls, Monica and Jessica, a fun morning of fishing for the silver kings.  The tarpon proved to be tough to land this time using their famous tricks like jumping off, spitting hooks, and breaking lines…the thrill is not always landing them, but watching one take to the sky over and over again on a greyhounding-like run.  The trip was made more of a success with Jessica and Monica landing bull sharks, giant gar, and ladyfish.

Veteran local angler Bob Johnson teamed with his brother-in-law Jerry and nephew David recently for a great day of fishing with Capt. Rocky on the Indian River near Titusville. The weather was perfect for comfort on the water with light east winds and mild temperatures. However, the comfortable conditions uncomforted the fish and moved them from the previous day. Once they were located the threesome had a blast catching several solid reds and a good number of gator trout, the largest measuring 29 inches and weighing about nine pounds. Pictured below are Bob holding a very large trout followed by Jerry and Dave sharing the frame with yet another large trout.

 Winter visitor Ray Duvall wanted to do some last minute fishing before returning north to Baltimore and introduce his long-time friend Pat to some of the finest fishing anywhere. He called Capt. Rocky and found some time in the schedule for a Banana River adventure. Pat, who had never caught anything larger than a bluegill, was ecstatic with the local fishing as she and Ray caught a mess of redfish and trout. Her screams of delight during her first redfish could be heard up and down the lagoon. Pictured below is Pat with a fine 12 pound red. 

Adam and Cathy have spent considerable time fishing the coastal areas of Massachusetts. When they began planning a spring Florida vacation, they eagerly anticipated doing some backwater flats fishing for many months. Last Tuesday the day finally arrived and they joined Capt. Rocky on the Indian River near Titusville for a half day charter. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and a pretty dog-gone good day fishing-wise as well. The two anglers caught trout after trout during the morning and got to tangle with several large reds too! Pictured below are Adam and Cathy with one from a mess of gator trout.

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