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March 17, 2008 – Cobia Mania

It happens along the east central Florida shoreline for a few weeks in early spring and again, albeit to a lesser degree, in late fall. It is the cobia migration. And this much anticipated event triggers cobia mania which is a highly contagious condition common among many of the serious greater Orlando anglers.

Now cobia typically range in the size from five pounds pups to seventy pound slobs. They can be found swimming with the large manta rays also migrating at the same time (see below), holding to floating structure such as buoys and various ocean debris or free swimming on the surface. They seem to be incurably curious and will hit a wide variety of jigs and lures. They are often sight-fished and best of all, perhaps, they are absolutely fabulous as table fare.

Last Friday under perfect conditions consisting of bright blue skies and calm seas, Capt. Rocky of Native Sons Fishing Charters joined Capt. Nate Fowler and Capt. Alex of Laguna Charters to hunt for cobias as a prelude to the filming of a future episode of the East Coast Fishing TV show. This was one of those days when we wished that our dress rehearsal was the actual performance because within the first hour we had caught a limit of three cobes ranging in weight from 60 pounds to 25 pounds (we believe the 60 pounder is the largest cobia weighed at the Port thus far this season) and ended the day catching three more on light tackle and top water plugs. Enjoy the following pictures from the day.

In conclusion, we would love for many of our charter clients to enjoy such a day. It takes a rare combination of the right weather and sea conditions in the midst of a short three week migratory window in the early spring and late fall. It has been our observation that those few who are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time will be forever infected with cobia mania.

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