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Mar. 24, 2013 – Spring Has Sprung, Great Fishing Ahead

Spring has finally sprung along the central east coast of Florida and it did not come easy or early this year. Successive cold fronts have battered our waters with frigid temperatures and high hammering winds over the past two months. A typical week would gives us several nasty, unfishable days of weather followed by several really fine days of fishing with which we have taken full advantage with eager and excited anglers. Hopefully we’ll have fewer fronts, milder temperatures and calmer seas as spring conditions finally predominate the coming weeks and months. Here are a few summaries and photos of charters from the past two months.

John Jachino took some time off his busy schedule of traveling the world fishing and hunting to spend a half day on the water with Capt. Peter.  The trip was spent targeting the giant Banana River redfish.  Casting big baits to the big reds produced steady action.  John got a little beat up battling these big fish (cut leg, bruised knee…etc) but his toughness paid off with a number of big reds between 42 and 50 inches.

Bill Oyler of Merritt Island had been excitedly anticipating a home-coming with his son Christian of Colorado for quite some time. Since Christian was bringing Muffy, his girl-friend, home with him, this visit was important. As part of Muffy’s introduction to Florida living a fishing adventure with Capt. Rocky was booked. The threesome launched from Kennedy Point Park in Titusville on a flat-out gorgeous March morning and quickly introduced themselves to our most hospitable redfish population. The fishing could not have been any better as the Oyler crew caught and estimated fifteen redfish and seven gator trout. The big fish, a full 50 inch monster red, was hooked and initially fought by Muffy before Christian gallantly came to her rescue to finish the battle.

Alan and Anna took a break from the cold north and did a little fishing with Capt. Peter in beautiful Ft. Pierce.  Wanting to experience all the area has to offer, the hard core anglers fished for 10 hours.  The morning started out with a quick 33 inch snook.  Leaving the snook in the river, the anglers raced out to the mouth of the Inlet to catch the tide change.  Slack tide was incredible – absolute feeding frenzy!  There were hundreds of 6-8 foot sharks feeding on the surface, along with tarpon and jacks.  The anglers wrestled four 7’+ sharks, half a dozen big jack crevalles, and lost a pile of unknown fish after long battles that broke lines and spit hooks.

After the tide picked up it was time to fish the backcountry of the Indian River.  Most of the day was spent fishing back in mangrove islands for trout and redfish.  The redfishing was a little slow, but the big trout were chewing.  While moving between spots, the anglers were treated to something they’ll never forget – an absolute frenzy of big jacks (10 – 40 lbs) and trout up on a shallow sandbar feeding on schools of 8’’ mullet.   Capt. Peter Powerpoled the boat down on the edge of the flat, and Alan and Anna threw top water plugs as fast as they could at the infinite number of fish.  Every cast for over an hour produced jacks and trout fighting over the topwater lures.  Check out the short video of the fish fighting over Alan’s plug (check out all the fish in the background and the trout and jacks lighting up as the lure goes through the school) .

The Dunn boys from Colorado, Father Jack and his two sons Jack, Jr. and Connor tried to escape the cold from out west only to run into the cold of the southeast. Fishing the Indian River near Titusville with Capt. Rocky, the charter started cool and slow. After the sun finally warmed the shallows, the fish finally warmed to the task of feeding. Pictured below are the Dunns holding a monster redfish caught by the youngest of our crew for the day, Connor Dunn.

Hardcore anglers, Jeff and Bob Herris, spent a day fishing for bull redfish with Capt. Peter near Cocoa Beach.  This was a trip that almost wasn’t…the twenty mph winds and rain storms would have kept most anglers indoors – but not the Jeff and Bob!  The weather was terrible but determination paid off.  Fishing schools of redfish feeding up on grassflats and sandbars produced some mega reds.  Using light tackle, Jeff and Bob focused on the task at hand and skillfully landed a number of trophy sized redfish.  Pictured are the Herris boys and some of their reds.

Those who live in Minnesota, especially those who work outside like dairy farmers, are used to some pretty harsh winters. So Heidi and Patrick so looked forward to a few days in sunny Florida to thaw during February. And, as a surprise to Patrick, Heidi planned of fishing on the Indian River  with Capt. Rocky.  However, the day was quite cold and fishing quite slow until the warm Florida sun finally changed things. The fishing picked-up and the two dairymen were treated to some hot redfish action. Pictured below is Patrick holding a monster red.

George and his wife Sue Littrell split residences between Maryland and Cocoa Beach. Florida is home during the colder months while Maryland is home during the remainder of the year. This year the Littrells experienced winter weather in Florida more like what they would have had in Baltimore, except without the snow and ice. Now George is a big fisherman when Sue does not have him doing chores around the houses and George is a big friend of Capt. Rocky who is a big fisherman whenever he can be. The two teamed for several great trips this winter. Pictured below is George holding a giant red caught in Titusville in early February.

Joe from Merritt Island and Herb from Michigan have paired with Capt. Rocky on several occasions of the past while Herb is in the area. This February, after having to reschedule a booking due to foul weather, Joe and Herb went with Rocky to the Indian River near Titusville looking for trout and reds. And they found them aplenty with some 15 reds caught and several doubles and even a triple hook-up on the day.

It was the tale of two trips for James Bates and his future brother-in-law Brady recently with Capt. Rocky. Fishing the Indian River out of Kennedy Point Park, the two-some experienced a slow morning of fishing until cloudy and cool conditions. However, once the sun broke through the overcast, the reds appeared in good numbers and a feeding frenzy soon began to ensue. Jumping out of the boat and pursuing the fish along a sand bar in clear water, shallow water, and the duo caught an estimated 12 reds and three gator trout in the early afternoon before responsibilities with family back in Orlando finally terminated the trip. Highlights of the day included several double catches, see picture below, a front row seat at the boat ramp for a NASA rocket launch, a delicious fish dinner with the full family later that evening.

Jeff Starnes instructions to Capt. Rocky for his recent charter were clear, ‘my grad school son Justin, home for spring break, needs to catch a redfish. So the father and son duo along with Ron, Jeff’s brother, stormed out of Kennedy Point Park just past dawn on a calm and sunny Saturday in search of their quest. Now Saturday fishing on our waters can sometimes prove to be a challenge due to the increased fishing pressure and this day was nearly ruined by a thoughtless boater who tracked across the lines and baits while the Starnes were on the best school of reds on the day. However, the crew held composure and managed five reds, Justin catching a pair, and several trout. Pictured below are the Starnes boys holding a trio of keeper reds and a photo of the subsequent blackened redfish meal enjoy by the entire family. What a great way to end a great day on the water!

Joe McGill, a naval instructor originally from Melbourne, had been dreaming about saltwater fishing for months and, when he was finally granted a vacation to visit family in the area, he decided to do something about it. Chartering Capt. Rocky, Joe invited his old fishin’ buddy Jeremy along for the adventure. And the day proved to be a dream come true for Joe as he and his buddy caught fish after fish after fish. However, despite the fantastic fishing action, the highlight of the day might have belong a land creature rather than a fish – a large wild boar who crashed through the shoreline bush and sauntered into the shallow river right in the front of the boat in full daylight … wish we had gotten a photo of that one!

A balmy and calm March day greeted Cody Chamblin and his granddad, Jack Chamblin, for a Florida fishing adventure with Capt. Rocky. Cody, a graphic design student from the University of Illinois spring breaking with his grandparents, was also greeted by schools of hungry redfish from the Indian River near Titusville.  And while the distinction for the most reds went to young Chamblin, the title of biggest red remained went to the elder. The final total for the half day was ten reds (to 15 pounds) and three trout (two trophies in the trio). Pictured below is the proud grand-pop holding the largest redfish with an admiring Cody grinning with his approval.

Fleeing the frozen tundra of Raleigh, North Carolina, Ginna Edwards escaped to chilly Merritt Island for a few days last week. During her stay she was convinced by Capt. Rocky, her big brother, that wade fishing in the Banana River would be a cool thing to do. It was cool thing to do as she caught three monster reds in rapid succession before the cool thing became a  down-right cold thing. Pictured below is Gin with one of her big reds.

Due to a forecast of high north winds and cold temperatures, good friends George Littrell and Capt. Rocky recently fished the Banana River in search of big reds. And George, about to return home to Maryland for the next several months, found the reds in a rather foul and feisty mood. Pictured below is George bidding his fond farewell to one of our local bronzed giants.

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