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June 2, 2007 – Fishing is Great Despite the Wind

We have been dogged by consistently strong east winds for the past month or so and have been queried by a number of clients, and potential clients, as to the effects of inclement weather on the enjoyment of the fishing trips. Obviously, if the weather is hazardous to health – such as thunderstorms, lightning, hail, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or locust plagues – we do not venture forth. But we can often make great memories (with great fishing) in windy conditions by strategically choosing sheltered launch ramps and fishing locations among the many spoil and barrier islands in our area. Several recent trips prove our point.

Yesterday we had strong eastern winds (15-20 mph with gusts to 25 mph) and I had the pleasure to fish with Malcolm Smith of Reading, Pennsylvania. This was a ‘seasoned’ angler who swore that a little bump in transition (boat ride from spot to spot) would be fine. We launched at Kelly Park in Merritt Island (45 miles east of Orlando) and headed to the ‘western wall’ of the Thousand Island area of Cocoa Beach (Banana River). Two fine trout greeted us in the first 15 minutes of fishing (the largest was 28 inches and weighed seven pounds). We shifted locations across the river to a good eastern wind spot and picked up our first redfish (26 inches) and a number of other mid-20 inch trout. After the action slowed, we shifted again to another eastern wind spot and picked up an additional seven redfish and a few more trout over the next hour. The action was intense as we had a number of ‘double’ hook-ups testing the skill of the crew. Our totals for the day were eight reds and over a dozen trout (lost count) and one great day of fishing … despite the wind.

Another prime example was our day in Grant (65 miles southeast of Orlando) last week with the ‘Young Guns’ from Melbourne, Fl – Steve Young and his two sons Austin and Chase. Again the winds were howling but Capt. Roland’s 22 ft. Pathfinder neutralized its effects. We are not sure of the exact fish count for the day once again but eight redfish, twelve trout, and a snook would be a pretty fair guessimate (identical totals to the story above).

Both of the younger of the ‘Young Guns’ had great catches. Austin, age 15, caught his first inshore slam and we’ve included a picture of him holding a one of his trouts, a fat 28 inch fish, and one picture of his snook and his brother … uh, the snook is the one in the photo with the dark line down its side. Austin also caught a half-crazed bluefish, but we won’t embarass him by mentioning it further. (see below for photos)

Chase Young, age 10, had a ball catching redfish and trout and we’ve included a picture of him holding a redfish. Interestingly enough, if you would have asked these guys whether or not they noticed the weather, I think you would have merely gotten a puzzled glance as if to say, ‘What weather?’

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