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January 22, 2009 – Cool Temps and Warm Hearts

Over the past two weeks, we have seen some of the coldest temperatures along central east coast of Florida in years. It has sent shivers down our thin-blooded spines and panic into the lives of our semi-tropical finned friends. However, no matter how cold the temps outside, the outstanding fishing action has warmed the souls of our stout-hearted clients as the following tales testify.

Capt. Peter guided Mike Rinkus, along with his son Michael and friend Alex, on a cold but sunny day where the winds allowed some winter flats fishing near Titusville. And even though low temperatures had thinned the food chain on the flats and scattered the schools of foraging fish, our guest anglers from Colorado caught two of the most unforgettable, heart-thumping and adrenaline-pumping, bull reds in recent memory. Pictured below is Alex with a redfish weighing around 25 pounds followed by Michael with a monster that pushed the scales close to 40 pounds.

In our next report, it was Captain Peter again, with some assistance from the ‘old man’ of Native Sons, guiding John, Joe and Krista Jachino from Illinois. The wind was a’howling and Jack Frost was a’nipping so we fled for sanctuary in the Honest John canals near Sebastian Inlet. The fishing action was some of the hottest we’ve experienced in a long time. The final fish count, conservatively guestimating, was around 70 including a least 20 runt reds, 25 sheephead, 20 mangrove snappers, 5 black drum and a couple of mutton snappers. Pictured below are Krista and a black drum, Joe and Krista with a pair of sheephead, Peter and John with a mangrove snapper and Krista with a rare mutton snapper caught in the river.

A very special angler, Chaz Farley from Melbourne, is the star of our next report. Chaz, along with his uncle Dr. Cronin, and cousin Charlie chartered Capt. Roland for a day of fishing on the Indian River in the Grant/Sebastian area. Chaz had the hot rod catching a super slam of 24 fish which included redfish, drum, trout, sheephead, and snapper. After his sixth fish of the morning, he excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve got my A game today”. What a blast it was to see him enjoying life with few of the stresses we all know so well. Pictured below is Chaz with one of his redfish.

Captain Roland also had the pleasure of hosting the Rinkus family for yet another day of fishing last week. This time they headed for the Honest John canals as the stiff winter winds limited access to the flats. Again, they caught so many fish it was hard to keep an accurate tally. their super slam included sheephead, drum, trout, snapper and redfish. By the way, they really enjoyed seeing the natural beauty of the historic canals much as everyone else we take there. Their comment was common, “We never knew this place was here. It is amazing.” Pictured below are Jacob Rinkus and a rare spotless redfish.

Our final report is odd in that it is about hunting and not fishing. We have been working hard to organize an outfitting and hunting arm of Native Sons. Incidentally, we will have much to report of this new enterprise in the coming weeks. Picture below is one of our year-round quarries, a wild boar weighing around 150 pounds. It was shot by Perry Coleman of Melbourne on a hunt guided by Captain Roland.

In summary, there are plenty of options for great outdoor experiences along the central east coast of Florida even when Old Man Winter pays us a visit.

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