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Feb. 29, 2008 – One Wild and Wacky Week

The ink is drying on the final week of February and it must be recorded as one of the wildest and wackiest in recent memory. For instance, during this week, the temperature ranged from record highs to record lows with a 50 degree swing in a single day. The winds hit all points of the compass within a four hour span and varied from dead calm to hauling gales. And the fishing activity flexed from frenzied feeding one day to listless fasting the next. Indeed, it was one wild and wacky week!

On Monday Capt. Rocky had the pleasure of guiding two brothers from Michigan, Fred and Earl Rafferty. These two seasoned anglers hit gold with near-ideal conditions; glass-like seas and hyper-aggressive fish. The final fish count for the day reached double-digits with redfish from 26 to 41 inches and even included a gator trout to add a bit of variation to the bag. Pictured below are Fred and Earl and a few finned representatives from the day.

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