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Feb. 27, 2009 – February Fishing Fables

The fishing for February fluxed from flabbergasting to frustrating depending upon the weather. When the cold fronts pushed through, the fishing was tougher than a two dollar steak at IHOP and when the warm, sunny days returned, the fishing was fantastic.

The following five fishing reports feature some of the many February clients of Capt. Brad Roland Jones. We’ll update trips guided by Capt. Peter and me in the next installment to our fishing chronicles.

Roland’s first report involves Vince and Aubrey Bloomberg from their annual migration from Michigan. Escaping the 8 degree weather from the frozen north to sunny Florida, the father and daughter duo enjoyed the fishing with Roland for the second straight year. Early morning air temps were in the upper 50s but warmed as the sun moved overhead and the fishing temps followed the same pattern. Multiple fish were caught including redfish, trout, sheepshead, and snapper from the Indian River lagoon in the Grant/Sebastian area.

Steve and Ben Wilson chartered Capt. Roland for a Ft. Pierce fishing adventure. The day was cool and windy but the father and son duo caught 10 gator trout from 23- 27 inches. This was a time for the two because they will be separated for the next year as Steve (pictured below) travels to the Far East for work.

Shifting to the Indian River lagoon near Titusville on a drop-dead beautiful day, Capt. Roland had the pleasure of guiding another father and son duo, Bob from California and Mike from Texas. Visiting several hot locations recently frequented by Peter and me, Roland’s crew caught several redfish and trout which eventually were a part of family wedding a day later in Orlando.

Eugene Kaleniak, a student at Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, spent a great day of fishing on the Indian River with Capt. Roland. (Professor Roland recently taught a semester-long course at the Academy on marine life on the river.) Eugene caught redfish, trout, sheephead, snapper and black drum during his final ‘classroom’ session for the course. By the way, Eugene passed the Roland’s class with flying colors.

Roland’s final report features his daughter Jessica. The two participated in the February Florida Flats Fishing Association Tournament held in Sebastian. Jessica won the woman’s trout category with a 7lb. 12 oz monster while Roland finished second for trout in the overall division.

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