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December 15, 2007 – Christmas Arrived Early

Christmas arrived early for a handful of very fortunate anglers this week. Not only are we continuing to enjoy exceptionally fine weather – a White Christmas would only be in our dreams – but the fishing continues to be excellent as well.

Mike Nix of Monett, Missouri must have been very good this past year, because Santa gifted him with a great fishing trip on the Indian River near Titusville on Monday (35 miles east of Orlando). The final count for the day included five fine reds and four ‘gator’ trout. We were particularly pleased to find the large trout returning to the flats because they have been rather scarce recently. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. In the picture below, notice the blue sky and glass-like surface of the water. Can you envision the vicious explosions of big fish on baits under these dream-like conditions? Let me assure you, for an avid angler, it’s better than visions of sugarplums dancing in your head!

Now this next fishing account is one that almost defies reduction to pen and paper. At times, the Wednesday fishing trip more resembled a chaotic scene from Whoville than the peaceful setting of the abovementioned winter wonderland. Imagine four seasoned guides aboard a single bay boat, appropriately dubbed the Lip Rip, each vying for optimum casting position to a large school of pompano, trout and ladyfish. Since we were catching fish on nearly every cast, it’s a wonder nobody poked an eye out! Pictured below, each holding a delicious pompano, are Roland Jones, Gary Giles and Rodney Smith. And I, aptly dressed in my kerchief and cap, hid behind the camera.

Our Thursday charter included more ingredients than a Claxton Fruitcake. Local fishing expert Scott Sigmon teamed with Capt. Roland for an unusual fishing adventure in the canals of Satellite Beach (50 miles southeast of Orlando). Fishing shrimp under a small popping cork, the duo caught snook, trout, sheephead, black drum, moonfish, ladyfish, pinfish, catfish and nearly a naughty porpoise. The only thing missing on this trip was a quart of eggnog. Pictured below is Scott with one of the three different kinds of drums caught on the day.

Finally, I had the good fortune yesterday of guiding good friend and sportswriter Matt O’Hern of Merritt Island. We had planned to fish a full afternoon on the flats of the Indian River just north of NASA Causeway (35 miles east of Orlando). However, a cold front pushed through the area during the outing and cut our day short. (Matt suggested the abrupt ending to the trip had something to do with some sort of family fishing curse, perhaps placed upon the O’Herns by the Grinch or a Ghost from Christmas Past.) However, despite the untimely arrival of the inclement weather, we were still blessed with trout and redfish as evidenced in the following picture.

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